Gilded Skull small-batch barrel-aged farmhouse and Franco-Belgian inspired ales are crafted using traditional ingredients and brewing / blending methods. Our ales are built upon a foundational philosophy of drinkability and balanced acidity; leveraging our house-kept mixed cultures, rustic grains, continental hops, locally sourced fruits and careful aging to that end. We strive to create world-class farmhouse beer and to do so with the upmost attention to process, patience and a reverential nod to the past.  
Hoppy ales, refreshing lagers and other ales also have their place in our brewing philosophy, though we tend to be less concerned with style guidelines when we approach designing these beers and focus more on simple drinkability, flavor and approachability. Likely to no surprise, our farmhouse sensibilities will often show up in these styles.
Regardless of the “style”, we want you to love and enjoy our beers as much as we love and enjoy them.
Gilded Empire

Gilded Empire is a rustic, yet uniquely contemporary New England IPA crafted around robust heritage barley and copious amounts of spelt and oats. A thoughtful pairing of Citra, Cashmere and Lotus hops yield a beautifully aromatic, hazy and soft ale with intense flavors of grapefruit, lime, pineapple, apricot, papaya, vanilla and tangerine creamsicle.


Alc. 7.2%
16 oz serving

Water Snakes

We want to tell you Water Snakes is just a soft, little, hazy IPA... but we’d be lying. This New England Double IPA is certainly as soft and opaque as the night is long, but in no respect is it little. In fact, this ale strikes with big, aromatic tropical fruits and citrus juices, due to the huge additions of Citra, Azacca, Motueka and Idaho 7 hops. The haze belies what lives within. Venomous to the core and ever ready... our Water Snakes wait for you.


Alc. 8.0%
16 oz serving

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