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Shortly after we met, we quickly realized we both had a passion for craft beer and that we wanted to create beer that was like the beer we loved so much. As with many things in our lives, once we started brewing, we spiraled down the rabbit hole. In pretty short order, we had decided we wanted to start our own brewery. We started planning and scheming but realized it would not be so easy. We dipped toes in the water here and there. We developed and refined recipes. We entered contests. We formed a concept and a brand. It just wasn’t easy to pull the trigger. It was our dream, but life can make pursuing dreams difficult. In 2018, a particularly deadly form of cancer reared its head in our lives. As is imaginable, life stopped and looked like it wasn’t going to continue for much longer. The statistics were bad. A radical surgery and almost a full year of chemo therapy followed. Despite the statistics, the pain and the hardships of the treatments, we brewed. We didn’t slow down, we sped up. We became resolute. Life is far too unpredictable and short not to pursue your dreams. We were going to live now, to the absolute fullest of our abilities. Gilded Skull likely would never have happened in any form if life had not shown us that it wasn’t stopping us, we were. Life is to be lived now… because in a heartbeat, it can be over. There are no guarantees of tomorrow. Gilded Skull was never meant to have a story like this, but it does. It was just supposed to be about our love of beer and music, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about us. It’s about our love for one another. It’s about our fight and it’s about hope. Oh… and it’s definitely about kickass beer and Motorhead. Live, love and beer. 


Neil & Amy     

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